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About us

We are specialists in what we do. Passionates of Internet, smartfones and modern technologies. We learn with pleasure to use new solutions, for chasing the trends and give you and your company everything the best that you need.

We love original and innovative projects. If you have and idea for anything that world didn't seen yet, we will take it in our hands.

We focus on what we really can do. We collaborate also with other companies to offer you the best quality with optimal costs. Focusing on details is our passion.

What we do

About us

Our company do mainly software and web-pages In our everyday work we use the newest solutions and libraries.

Our offer :

  • WWW pages
  • Internet e-shops
  • CRM and B2B software
  • Social communities
  • Facebook apps
  • Mobile apps
  • On-line games

If you are interested in one of above (or their combination - the more complicated - the better!) surely contact us !

If you are interested in something that we didn't mention above, but may match to what we do, also let us know! ;)


What we do


Made for one of our clients, house building and repairing company. Offers easy managing of customers, subcontractors, materials, and status of works within actual contracts, and also invoicing.

Application made in Symfony 2 framework, with usage of jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap on front-end side.

Law Firm

App made for one of Polish law firms. Offers manage of clients, cases and documents.

App made in Zend Framework 1.12, with strong usage of jQuery and AJAX.



If you are interested in doing a project, or any other kind of cooperation we encourage you to contact us on e-mail:

or phone number:

+48 609 461 530

Also you can use the contact form.